Christian is serving in the Stratford area in London.

He will arrive home in Salt Lake City on June 4 about 5:15 p.m. and will speak in church on June 8 @ 12:30.

The address of the mission office is:

England London Mission
64/68 Exhibition Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2PA
England, United Kingdom

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Online Discussion with his Dad

Hey Dad are you there?
I'm here kiddo. How are you?
HEY, I’m good.  We had to run to the church, so I can email for like 10 minutes, how are you?
Good. So good to hear from you. Sounds like life is pretty good in the UK. Are you happy?
Yeah, it’s going well. I'm pretty happy. The only problem is like half the people we are teaching never meet with us!! It is driving me nuts!
That's very normal. Just remember that working hard and caring a lot doesn't mean being miserable. You are great.  Are you stressed?
No I am not stressed, things are good.  I just get bugged at times.
I know. Very frustrating. Just remember that they have their choice. Yours was to go and try. You are doing great with your part. Just stay happy and try. What others do is out of anyone's control.   Have you made friends in the mission?

Yeah. Elder Murri and I get along well, and the members in Southend are really good. We hung out with a couple yesterday that I am really good friends with. And there are some other people as well.
That's great. You are really amazing and a great example of how to do things right. So proud of you.

The Book of Mormon musical is coming to London.  That is going to make things very interesting for me.
I know.  I am working on what we will say.  I am told that in NYC it created a lot of interest for missionaries. Hope that is true for you.   Btw, I will send some talking points today. Hope they help. Let me know if I am sending the right topics.

Send me things on:
   Science and Evolution
   Bible and Book of Mormon working together
   Ways to combat atheism
   Shaky Joseph Smith things
   How to build righteous character
We get lots of questions and stuff on all of these.
I will do my best.  I know if I was searching for truth I would want to hear it from you.
By the way, I was reading some D&C and it said something about the church being condemned for taking the Book of Mormon too lightly.  Is this still true today?
I hope not. Maybe early on they didn't know just what they had. That may be true for some still but I hope not. To me there have been many people who started churches even during Joseph's time. The thing that sets us apart is that book.

Oh yeah and somebody asked us why all Mormons are Republicans.  What do you say to that?
I say they are not. With 14 million members you find diversity within the church across the spectrum--race, politics, nationality, ethnicity, and in opinions on almost any topic. What unites us is a desire to follow Christ.

Cool cool, that about does it.  I gotta go.