Christian is serving in the Stratford area in London.

He will arrive home in Salt Lake City on June 4 about 5:15 p.m. and will speak in church on June 8 @ 12:30.

The address of the mission office is:

England London Mission
64/68 Exhibition Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2PA
England, United Kingdom

Monday, May 12, 2014

Doing Great

            Well first off it was great speaking to you Mum! and the rest of the guys that were there. It was a fun time. I really enjoyed it.
            We have had a great week. It’s been very rainy and we had some very good lessons. Priscilla is doing great. She is loving our lessons and she even invited her cousin to the last lesson – her name is Rebecca. She was pretty disinterested when she first came in and sat down, but she ended up saying the closing prayer because she enjoyed everything so much. It shows that Priscilla loves what we teach because she wants her family to get involved as well.
            We have also started to teach a Mum and daughter – Lavinia and Tanya. We met the mum on the street and we popped by her house and some guy answered and started really shouting at me about how they don’t need what we are teaching. Then Tanya came downstairs during the middle of this and said “Mormons! I want you to help me to not be a sinner.” She saved us! The guy was really kicking off until she came down. Tanya also came to church and really enjoyed it.
            We have had lots of weird things happen to us on public transport recently – people shouting at cars out the window and shouting at us. Pretty much it is just a bunch of shouting as soon as we get on the bus.
            We are doing great. I love you all and I love London.

Elder Purdy