Christian is serving in the Stratford area in London.

He will arrive home in Salt Lake City on June 4 about 5:15 p.m. and will speak in church on June 8 @ 12:30.

The address of the mission office is:

England London Mission
64/68 Exhibition Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2PA
England, United Kingdom

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some Busy Days, One Tempting Offer, Many Wise Words

            I have been so busy it has been unreal.  I have started to just miss lunches because we are constantly trying to just get things done here. It has been one tough time.  It has been good, but really tough. We spend so many hours on the street just trying to get some appointments. What a journey!  99% of our investigators are Jamaican, which is pretty interesting.  We are going to be adding some colour to the Hitchin ward fo sho! All of our investigators are pretty interesting.  One of them named Hearten is like 55, from Kingston, and she’s really cool.  She likes the missionaries a lot.  In fact, she called her family in Jamaica and handed me the phone so we could talk to them, haha.  It was really funny.  I had a nice little conversation with her family on Jamrock.  She came to church as well and really enjoyed it.

            An African lady asked me if I would marry her.  She wanted a husband really bad and preferred me, apparently because I was a man of God.  Can’t really blame her can you?  Nevertheless, I had to turn down such a tempting offer.

            I sure do love this country. It  feels like home.  Shakespeare can say it better than I ... so here you go:

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,--
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm,
         this England.
            "King Richard II", Act 2 Scene 1

Wise words indeed.

            Elder Ballard surprised our mission and came and spoke to us yesterday, hence the late email.  He talked a lot about how people do not know the nature of God, they don’t know who he is, or their proper relationship with him, and that we are here, as a reflection of God’s love and God’s glory, to bring it to them. Really powerful – that man is definitely inspired by God.  One thing he said that I liked was “You don’t know the person who God knows you are.”
            Very true.  God has a plan for us that will allow us to become something more, to reach something.
            Things are good here.  We are working hard, very hard, and I really want to see the fruits of such labor.


Elder Christian Purdy